Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, 21-24 June 2023, Istanbul

Dear Colleagues, Respected Scientists,

We are proud to invite you to “3rd ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL GEOGRAPHY CONGRESS” which is arranged by the cooperation of Istanbul University Faculty of Letters Department of Geography and Turkish Geography Society and take place face to face in 14-17 June 2023.

According to UN sources, on November 15, 2022, the population of the world exceeded 8 billion. It is an accepted fact that the processes triggered by population growth cause the degradation of earth systems. Particularly, a number of developments that emerged after the Industrial Revolution have reached a very risky point for the continuity of life in the name of sustainability.

It is an inevitable fact that human activities are at the root of many problems such as climate change, natural disasters, drought, degradation of natural areas, environmental pollution, conflicts, epidemic diseases and economic crises. Today, a new sphere called the anthroposphere or technosphere has been added to the known ground systems (lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere) and the emphasis on human influence, also known as Anthropocene Age, appears as a reflection of this reality.

All these phenomena are related to the science of Geography. In fact, the science of Geography is at the center of all these problems and solutions. Because Geography is a science that explains the relationship between people and places and can produce solutions to possible problems. After all, it is also the focus of multidisciplinary studies in terms of sustainability.

This congress entitled “Geography in the Century: Opportunities and Threats for Sustainability” is open to all other disciplines related to the discipline of Geography within the framework of the mentioned. Also in congress, due to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, the situation of the discipline of Geography in Turkey in the 100th anniversary will be discussed. We will be honored by your participation to open the scientific session and/or give a presentation in the congress.


Best regards.

Local Organizing Committee