17-20 June 2021, İstanbul


Dear Colleagues, Respected Scientists,

We are proud to invite you to “2nd ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL GEOGRAPHY CONGRESS” which is arranged by the cooperation of İstanbul University Faculty of Letters Geography Department and Turkish Geography Institution and take place online in 17-20 June 2021.

It is very difficult for people on earth to continue their adventure without compromising the level of development reached by people for millions of years, and since it is becoming more difficult for various reasons, it is very difficult if the world continues to benefit from the possibilities it offers itself in the future as in the past. The place, which was previously organized only to meet the need for shelter, is reshaped according to the changing needs of the person over time. This necessity of change requires the implementation of a sustainable lifestyle, sustainability; in the best sense, it can be expressed as being able to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Although the concept of sustainability first of all brings ecology to mind, this concept expresses a wholeistic point of view, as it includes sociological and economic components as it is ecological. In order to ensure sustainability, these three concepts need to be managed in a balanced way. Today, when the need for consumption increases and the demands change, the pressure on the environment and natural resources increases. Increasing pressure results;

Consumption of natural and human resources,
Extinction of species,
Exceeding global and regional carrying capacity,
Destruction of ecosystems,
Climate change and variabilities,
Degeneration of local cultures,
The emergence of major inequalities in income and welfare distribution important and major problems such as these have consequences that have lasting effects on our world. The growing population and therefore the increasing need for consumption are accelerating these changes.

The Congress, which we plan to organize, is aimed to be evaluated in detail with the papers to be prepared on different topics related to the main theme, mentioned above or not specified.

We would like to express our honor and hapiness for your participation in Congress.

Best regards.
Local Organizing Committe